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In addition to traditional domestic beers (Bud Light, Miller Light, National Bohemian and Yuengling), 45th Street Taphouse offers a vast selection of specialty brews. View the list below and visit us to try some of the finest beers on tap.

Craft Brews

Bayside Blonde - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 5.25% IBU: 20 The first release from the Assawoman Bay Brewing Company! A pale ale that balances light malt notes with refreshing hop bitterness. Look for hints of sage, tropical fruit like pineapple, cucumber and mint.  
Coastal Edge Copper - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 6.04% ABV: 38 Malty notes balances by American and traditional English hops.  
Pony Swin IPA - Assawoman Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 6.8% IBU: 86 This is a true IPA, a malt backbone gets bent over by a huge hop finish. The higher ABV adds a smoothing quality to the fruity and slightly savory hop finish. Look for whole peppercorn aromas and favors with hints of garlic to balance the citrus notes.  
Isle Of Wight Wheat - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 4.7% IBU: 13  
Angry Clown Brown - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 5.78% IBU: 21 A malt forward nut brown ale with a subtle hop bitterness to balance the malt profile. Hints of tree nuts, raisins and dark cherries make this a perfect beer to enjoy while waiting for the cooler days of the summer. NOTE: There are no nuts in this beer. The nutty character is derived from malted barley.  
Bryant's Folley - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 6.56% IBU: 48 This hoppy version of a Belgian Pale Ale may be mistaken for a Belgian Pale Ale. It has a sharp, spicy, Belgian yeast character from the Ardennes yeast strain it was fermented. Look for pepper and watercress appearing on the plate. Finishes dry with subtle hop and malt flavors lingering.  
Commodore Decatur Black IPA - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 7.09% IBU: 57 A tan creamy head is the first sign that isn't a normal Pale Ale. Black in color, the first sip is malty, sign of tasting roasted malts are overcome by hop bitterness and a backdrop of chicory, chocolate and malt.  
Red Head Rye Ale - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 5.6% IBU: 13 Rich Ruby hues draw the eyes to this XX% ABV Rye Beer. The addition of Rye malt lends a spicy, rich flavor to this full flavored but easy drinking ale. A great transition beer for the cooler fall temperatures.  
TransPorter - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 5.5% IBU: 28 This smooth opaque ale brings hints of vanilla, caramel and roasted characters to this 5.5%ABV Porter. Brewed in the style of English Robust Porters to have intense color and aroma with subtle layers of smooth flavor.  
Agave Wheat - Breckenridge Brewery, COABV: 4.2% IBU: 19. This true American-style unfiltered wheat has something a little special – the nectar of the great Salmiana Agave. Agave complements the refreshingly light quality of our wheat and adds a subtle note of flavor that expands this beer’s uplifting taste profile.  
Angry Orchard's Crisp Apple - Cincinnati, OHABV: 5.0% IBU: 3.59 This crisp and refreshing cider mixes the sweetness of the apples with a subtle dryness for a balanced cider taste. The fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavor make this cider hard to resist.  
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA - Rehoboth Beach, DEABV: 6% IBU: 60. 60 Minute is a session India Pale Ale brewed with a slew of great NorthWest hops. A powerful, but balanced East Coast I.P.A. with a lot of citrusy hop character. The session beer for hardcore beer enthusiasts!  
“Evo”Lution Lot 3 IPA - Evolution Brewing Co, Salisbury MD ABV: 6.8% IBU: 65 This American style IPA is hopped up at a rate of over 2lbs per barrel! Big notes of Pine & citrus compliment a firm but reserved malt backbone.  
Guinness DraughtABV: 4.2% IBU: 40 Very delicate dark, almost black, with a thick, creamy and forever staying head. Aroma with strong notes of coffee and lightly burned/ roasted malts, and hints of caramel.  
Heavy Seas - Loose Cannon, MDABV: 7.25% IBU: 45 Burnished gold with a rich citrus hop aroma, it is wonderfully drinkable with a big hop flavor. We’ve knicknamed it Hop3 (hop cubed) ale to reflect the enormous amount of hops in this beer: over 3 pounds per barrel! It is hopped 3 ways: in the kettle, in the hop back, and dry hopped.  
Just The Tip - Burley Oak, Berlin MDABV: 5.0% IBU: 32 A light, crisp ale brewed with Noble hops and malts from the Cologne region of Germany.  
Allagash White - Allagash Brewing Co, MaineABV: 5% IBU: 28 Brewed with a generous portion of wheat and spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel, this beer is fruity and refreshing.  
Harpoon, UFO White, Boston MAABV: 4.8% IBU: 10 Taste of lemon, pear, apple, orange peel, coriander, wheat bread , herbal, light clove, and yeast earthiness.  
Yards Brawler - Yards Brewing Co, PAABV: 4.2% IBU: 45 The most approachable of our ales, Brawler is malt forward and delicately hopped for a knockout flavor. Its smooth character, hints of caramel, toast, and remarkable drinkability define this ruby colored brew as a true session ale. Perfect when you want to go more than a few rounds.  
Fin City Blackfin IPA - Fin City Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 6.0% IBU: 58 A full bodied black I.P.A. brewed with pale and mild roasted malts and a citrus hop blend. A well balanced roasty-sweet backbone and a smooth finish with a floral, citric hoppiness.  
MD Marzen - Assawoman Bay Brewing Co, Ocean City MDABV: 5.8% IBU: 22 Traditionally brewed and lagered (stored) in cool caverns this amber hued lager has a smooth malt introduction and gentle hop character to balance this 5.8% lager. Assawoman Bay’s first lager to celebrate the craft and heritage of traditional brewing styles.  
Celebration - Anchor Steam Brewing, San Francisco CAABV: 5.5% IBU: N/A Each year since 1975, Anchor Brewing creates a distinctive Christmas Ale, available from early November to mid-January. A rich, dark spiced ale, our secret recipe is different every year—as is the tree on the label—but the intent remains the same: joy and celebration of the newness of life.  
JPA - 3rd Wave Brewing Co, Delmar DEABV: 5.0% IBU: N/A A session IPA, brewed with over four lbs of hops per barrel, added in multiple doses, leading to an intense hop flavor and aroma with a low bitterness. Five different hop varieties give this malty Amber Ale a great citrus flavor and aroma.  
Rise Up Stout - Evolution Brewing Co, Salisbury MDABV: 6.7% IBU: 40 A caribbean stout infused with coffee. The caribbean style is synonymous with strong full bodied stouts. Ours is rich and dark with a toasted brown head, well balanced, roasty and full flavored. Cold steeping with an organic coffee, from Rise Up, imparts a generous but balanced coffee nose and flavor.  
Little Red Corvette - Burley Oak, Berlin MDABV: 5.2% IBU: 35 Simple and sessionable, this unique Red Ale imparts a hint of chocolate on the nose, while finishing with malty goodness.  
Route 4 IPA - Calvert Brewing Co., Upper Marlboro MDIBU: 6.5 IBU: 42 For all you Lupulin thrill seekers the journey down Route 4 is one for the books. Route 4 summons good memories of a journey home and bitter memories of a perilous work day. The good and the bitter is what we have managed to contain in this bottle with Calvert pride and farm grown ingredients in every glass.  
Donnybrook Stout - Victory Brewing Co, Downingtown PAABV: 3.7 IBU: N/A The tastiest dark brew since the rollicking days of the infamous Donnybrook Fair, Donnybrook Stout offers unparalleled refreshment for an ale so deep in flavor and intrigue. Fresh, whole flower British and Slovenian hops provide the proper, earthy hint of ‘the auld sod’ while deep roasted barley and low alcohol keep Donnybrook Stout clean, smooth and flavorful. Served on mixture of 75% nitro and 25% CO2.  
First Peach Ale - Blue Moon Brewing Co, Golden COABV: 5.5% IBU: N/A With one foot in winter and the other in spring, we crafted this Belgian-inspired Brown Ale with the first peaches of the season and coriander. It has a tart taste balanced by caramel malts for the cooler days and peach notes for the warmer ones.  
Mad Bishop - DuClaw Brewing, Baltimore MDABV: 5.8 IBU: 30 Haunting the congregation with its distinct copper color and rich toasted malt flavor, this true German-style Oktoberfest lager is smooth in body and uses German hops in the brewing process to balance out the distinctive, toasted malt sweetness. The clean smoothness is created by the long conditioning (lagering) process of 8 weeks.  
Accumulation Ale - Fat Tire, Ft. Collins COIBU: 6.2% IBU: 70 This winter, IBUs start accumulating like snow in Colorado with our new Accumulation White IPA. Brewing a white IPA was not only a way to salute the white beauty falling from the sky, but a direct revolt to the longstanding tradition of brewing dark beers for winter. At least that’s what our rebellious brewer Grady Hull likes to claim as he shovels in plenty of new hop varietals and a bit of wheat for a smooth mouthfeel. Stack up a few cases of Accumulation White IPA to keep your long nights glowing blizzard white.  

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